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Jessore IT was founded in 2012, assiduous and innovative Entrepreneur which basically deems to deal with the Information Technology and inventive solution. Md. Rakib Hasan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) along with four other young Entrepreneur who is skilled with IT background by having smooth career pathway started their business with full of dreams that leads the organization to pick of success. Jessore IT have experienced with various government projects such as Digital world, Power weak, learning and Earning Development project soon.

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
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Why Jessore IT?


In our courses, I try to maintain content, so it is easy to find anything at the time of need.

Byte size, but detailed

Our course materials are small, specific, and fixed-oriented, so do not miss something needed, and do not feel boring to learn

Easy to understand

If the subject of learning is not easily understood, then what is the benefit of making such a lot of trouble! These course materials are also made easy for everyone

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